Our Concierge Medical Services and Our Fees

We are a Direct Pay, Concierge Medical Practice

The Harlin Center for Precision Medicine is a direct pay, concierge medical practice designed to extend health span, enhance well-being, and uncover the root causes of disease.  We are devoted to giving each patient highly personalized quality medical care. We intentionally limit the number of patients we manage so we have time to meet your preventive care needs, as well as your primary care needs as they arise.

Our Fees

Free | 30-min. Initial Consult and Practice Overview

Well-patient Clinical Genomics Evaluation

$1250 | Genomics-based Analysis (Services listed below.)

  • Medical history review with medical history summary report
  • Prescription for advanced laboratory biomarkers and biomarker analysis with personalized report and recommendations
  • Clinical and Polygenic Reports

Genomics-based Preventive Medical Care

$2500 | Genomics-based Preventive Medical Care (Services listed below.)

$3000 | Genomics-based Preventive Medical Care for uncommon diseases and conditions (Services listed below.)

Laboratory Consultation Only

$400|Existing Patient Advanced Laboratory Consultation: One-hour follow-up visit, serial blood work Rx, results analysis, and personalized counseling with dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

Genetic Analyses and Reports Only

$1000 | Polygenic Analysis and Report:  16 major diseases, nutrient metabolism, circadian rhythm, and stress response with personalized recommendations along with a single 90-minute physician consultation

$1800 | Disease-specific Genomic Analysis: Research-based genetic analysis with genotype-specific recommendations along with a 90-minute physician consultation.

$500 | Microbiome Basic Screening Analysis

$500 | Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics Consultation and 2 Food Diary Analyses

Medical Records Review and Physician Consultation

Fee based on medical complexity

Corporate, Hospital, or School Wellness Programs

Negotiated program and fee

Pediatric Care

Ask about our discounted fees for children.

Direct Pay Agreement

Our concierge medical services provide specialty medical care and exceed the scope of routine preventative care practices. These services are not covered by insurance. Dr. Harlin is not a participating provider in any private health care or governmental plan, including Medicare, and therefore does not accept third party payor reimbursement for his services. Patients must agree not to make any attempt to collect reimbursement from Medicare or other insurers for any medical services provided by Dr. Harlin.

The practice strongly encourages its patients to maintain health insurance during the term of the direct care agreement to cover services that are not provided under this direct payment agreement.

Patients are financially responsible for medical services, equipment, and medications provided outside the practice, including the following:

  1. prescription drugs
  2. laboratory and imaging services
  3. vaccinations
  4. other healthcare providers’ fees