Corporate Wellness: We make house calls to the workplace

The majority of working adults don’t see a doctor until their health is impacting their quality of life. Our corporate wellness program remedies this;  we make “house calls” to the workplace. We make it easy to get a checkup and participate in preventative health care programs — designed specifically for the workplace.

Healthy Employees Improve the BottomlineCorporate Wellness Program Increases ROI

Our evidence-based wellness interventions have been shown to increase employee productivity and decrease health risks, reduce absenteeism,  lower health care costs, and improve employers’ bottom lines. It’s well documented that a comprehensive, strategically designed investment in employees’ social, mental, and physical health pays off not only for the employees but for the employers too.

Our Corporate Wellness Program

Our evidence-based wellness programs incorporate comprehensive health assessments, lifestyle management, and behavioral health strategies.  And, it can be custom tailored to suit your business’s needs.

Our corporate wellness implementations include the following:

  • a systematic evaluation of your employees’ physical activity, nutrition, stress levels, and perceived barriers to maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • a physician-administered comprehensive history and physical examination
  • clinical genomic screening to pinpoint each individual’s genetic susceptibility to chronic disease
  • Corporate Wellness Program Participantinterpretation of microbiome data
  • laboratory testing to assess cardiometabolic risk and cellular nutrition
  • lab reports presented in an easily understood format
  • VO2 peak exercise testing, the gold standard for measuring cardiorespiratory fitness capacity and providing a basis for prescribing an individualized exercise regimen and assessing post-program progress
  • a nutritional analysis of each participant’s 3-day dietary journal and a nutrigenomics assessment
  • itemized interventions specific to each person’s healthcare needs
  • eight weekly two-hour group sessions designed to help participants regain control and build resilience through a variety of mind-body principles and self-care interventions (SMART)
  • 19 one-hour sessions in CHIP: our nutrition and lifestyle program.


According to the American Institute of Stress and the American Psychological Association, 80% of workers feel stress on the job and nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress.

Stress Management and Resiliency Training (SMART) is a health promotion program designed to promote the lifelong practice of optimal nutrition, regular exercise, restorative sleep, social connection, and stress reduction. Dr. Harlin is one of the nation’s very few physicians fully certified to implement the Benson-Henry Institute’s program.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Education

Complete Health Improvement Program, Lakewood Ranch, FLWe chose CHIP, the Complete Health Improvement Program, for our nutrition and lifestyle education program because CHIP is a premier lifestyle intervention targeting chronic disease.  And, the program is well suited for the corporate settings. The short-term and long-term health benefits of the intervention, as well as its cost-effectiveness, have been documented in more than 30 peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals. Maureen Magner, our nutritionist, is certified by The Institute of Lifestyle Medicine to present the course.

Let Us Custom Tailor a Program to Meet Your Needs

We look forward to collaborating with you…  to custom tailoring a wellness program and helping you effectively lower your healthcare-related costs.