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Brain Drain

A previously unrecognized system that drains waste from the brain at a rapid clip has been discovered by neuroscientists at the University of Rochester Medical Center. The highly organized system acts like a series of pipes that piggyback on the brain’s blood vessels, sort of a shadow plumbing system that seems to serve much the same function in the brain as the lymph system does in the rest of the body – to drain away waste products. […more]


Cardiac hypertrophyA ramp swimming exercise murine model was used to investigate the response of cardiac telocytes to exercise-induced cardiac growth. After 4 weeks of swimming training, robust cardiac hypertrophy was induced as indicated by increased ratios of heart weight to body weight and heart weight to tibia length. Moreover, the expression levels of pathological cardiac hypertrophy markers including ANP and BNP were not elevated, confirming that a healthy cardiac hypertrophy model was established after swimming training.